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Don't Look Away! 'Don't Look Up' Is A Must-See

If you have a movie night planned, look no further, this dark dramedy, offers a wide array of emotions, laughs and chills.

Adam McKay's 'Don't Look Up' is scary relevant.

Few pandemic-era films have actually held a candle close to our current landscape globally, but Don't Look Up dances with our situation, and not around it. Although not about a pandemic at all, it feels familiar, showcasing everything from Trump-like politicians, who are more self-absorbed than competent, scientists losing their jobs for sharing facts, to the fragile attention span of the social media metaverse; oh and a healthy bit of doom and gloom. Yet, it's central theme is hope. Oddly enough a doomsday film with a tragic ending leaves the viewer with an appreciation for life rather than a fear of death. With the tapestry of anxieties the pandemic has bestowed upon us all, most viewers have sought out the happy-go-lucky escapes of the feel-good comedy, after all, laughter is the best medicine. Don't Look Up is the exception, a dark dramedy, that actually inspires us to be grateful that things aren't worse, and this feeling is universal. With so much divide amongst the masses, McKay has made this film a crowd pleaser, with something for the conspiracy theorist, the Trump-hater, the average joe and even the crackpot. Whoever watches this film will see their side of the spectrum brought to life by this all-star cast. Don't trust Rotten Tomatoes' 56% rating on this one, pop some corn, get into your best sweats and watch humanity succumb to stupidity, greed, and comets. If it feels too real, remember, we are dealing with Covid, not comets.

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Written by Brandon James Sim 04/01/2022

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