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Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Rediscovered

The beauty of streaming services, to me, is the nostalgia; those OMG moments of forgotten films from your past that you used to love. Unfortunately, it can be reminiscing roulette when your memories don't meet your current standards of film. Disney+ has so much old content, (they've only been at it for 100 years!) and one of the films I rediscovered was Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

This film was ahead of its time. The integration of hand drawn cartoon animation interacting with real actors was masterfully done, and made Space Jam jealous a decade later. I forget this is a cartoon film noir, a juxtaposition in itself, and is a metaphor for the film's target audience; kids and their parents. The acting is both grounded in reality and forced, the story is simple yet effective and the tone is both innocent and adult. This is a cult classic that needs to be on your list of films to watch. If you have kids at home this is a definite frontrunner for a family film fun night, just don't fall in love with Jessica Rabbit.

Streaming on Disney+

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is fun for the whole family and a must watch.

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