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Nobody, a Movie to be Watched on DVD

Yes you heard it here first, Ilya Naishuller's Nobody, starring Bob Odenkirk is a film bested by its' own special features.

Rent this one Old School

We are a streaming society, I know, but if you're going to watch Nobody, do yourself a favor and rent it. The real story isn't in the film itself, but in the special features. Bob Odenkirk's transformation from comedy legend to action star is a compelling tale of commitment, determination and passion; it dwarfs the actual on-screen product. Production seems to be aware of this fact, as the special features not only has his stunning journey well-documented, but also offers unique insights to the intense planning and preparation of the fight scenes. For the casual viewer these special features are captivating enough, but, for the movie buff, this is must-see content.

Better with Beer

First off, please drink responsibly. Now that we have that PSA out of the way: This movie is enhanced with beer. It has very little plot, seriously, it makes John Wick look like Citizen Kane. That being said, there is an entertainment factor here: gritty, gore-laden fight scenes, unapologetically graphic with plenty to go around. What this movie lacks in plot, it overcompensates in action, and if that's not enough, Christopher Lloyd makes a spectacular silver screen comeback and kicks serious ass! After a healthy buzz and perhaps a few improvised drinking games, you will enjoy watching this film as much as you'll enjoy heckling it. This is the perfect binge worthy movie, as long as the "binge" is drinking.


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